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Kathleen Hass Associates Virtual Consulting Program


Kathleen or Kitty Hass Associates offers virtual consulting covering various business areas, from individual and workforce evaluations to managing project complexity to applying Business Analysis in executing strategies. She calls it E2 for Expert and Experienced Virtual Consulting Program.


It is practically a consulting program in real-time, allowing the participating client access to Kitty through email, phone, online conference and even face-to-face meetings when convenient for all parties concerned.


Throughout the sessions, Kitty assists clients execute changes in their projects that will establish mature practices as well as effective tools and approaches, professional development programs, centres of excellence and many more. Moreover, she provides support and guidance to efficiently manage the project portfolio, to prioritize and manage projects based on business opportunities, and to address project complexity issues.

To begin the process, the parties jointly reach a decision as to the nature and scope of the program tailored to the client’s needs and business drivers. Once Kitty has conducted discovery about the current situation and business needs, she develops a coaching plan and establishes measureable goals for the sessions. Kitty commits to being responsive to their needs, returning voice and e-mail messages in a timely manner, usually within the day.


This direct online consultation approach using modern technology has allowed people to accomplish what used to be done only in the conventional office environment. The convenience of addressing issues through online interaction or meetings provides great savings in time and cost for all parties concerned. It also allows the client to address crucial issues immediately with practically no potential losses arising from delayed execution of business solutions.


In short, having Kitty Hass around to help you hour-by-hour or whenever you need her professional expertise and experience in managing complex business problems, is a great advantage for any business enterprise. It beats having to wait for days and even weeks for business decisions to be made by a technical committee or group assigned to steer a company’s program. Yes, with one person alone helping you out at the right time you need her, nothing can be better than that.